Working With J-Pac Medical

Experience | Expertise | Excellence

J-Pac Medical is the trusted manufacturing and packaging outsourcing partner to medical device companies seeking to deliver superior quality, improve time-to-market, and simplify the supply chain for single-use medical devices. With more than 30 years of experience, medical device companies of all sizes have come to rely on us to help meet their most difficult development, manufacturing, and logistics and supply chain challenges.

Our Promise

J-Pac Medical is driven to be our customers’ most valued manufacturing partner and is committed to delivering excellence at every stage.

We appreciate that our customers put their trust in us to manufacture their products and we understand what’s at stake with every project. We work tirelessly and have stringent accountability processes in place to ensure only the highest quality products end up in the hands of our customers and their end-users.

The J-Pac Medical Way

To us, business is personal. J-Pac Medical’s core values of integrity, collaboration, transparency, and - most importantly - quality, define how we work with our customers to deliver the excellence they expect every day.

We form genuine partnerships with our customers to fully understand their needs and challenges. We work collaboratively to solve their problems and develop a personalized plan of action for each unique project. Then we apply the expertise our team has cultivated through decades of hands-on experience to execute an optimized manufacturing approach resulting in medical solutions that meet and exceed expectations.

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